Decor – Psychedelic & Elephant Tapestries

elephant tapestry

Hello, this is going to be my first blog post! Dragonfly Guild will be dedicated to lots of home decor style posts,. bringing you all my tips and tricks When it comes to revamping a room, it’s hard to go wrong with a lick of paint, some new furniture and a wall tapestry. Personally I am quite into the hippie style decor that is popular right now. I feel like it is a very spiritual, authentic and positive way to style a house. Hippie style decorating usually involves some ornaments, plants and a large trippy tapestry. There are an infinite number of ways to style your home using these three types of item.

If you decide to go down the hippie route, I will provide with some tips you can use to make an awesome psychedelic room. First of all you’re going to want to check out and pick out an awesome Trippy tapestry. These should give you some inspiration and help you to zone in on what style you’re after. You can find a wide variety of colours and styles including tie dye and rainbow patterns. If you would prefer an animal style tapestry you should check out these elephant tapestries from top tapestries. These are all very hippie style and will fit wonderfully with the theme. Elephant tapestries are actually fantastic in a hippie style room. Most tapestries which have an elephant as the main theme are very bohemian in nature and thus will work perfectly.

The next thing you should do is mix in some plants and wooden ornaments. These will complete the hippie vibe and make for a wonderfully upbeat atmosphere. There’s so many different items you could choose from so I would suggest heading over to Etsy or Amazon and having a dig around!

Once you have chosen your items try to match them in with your new bedspread tapestry and you will be amazed how great it looks! So long as you pick decorations that have a matching theme you will get a really awesome look in the room!

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